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The Straight Path

by Paul Purday

So many paths our feet may take each day
Some shuffle on the road dejectedly
While others maybe walk unhurriedly
Yet many feet so often lose their way
The dust of life those many footsteps sway
Unlike the stars that clasp infinity
And mark a course through velvet artistry
With God-steered path, a heavenly display
A lustrous route eternally designed
Whose Way is best and ever holds His course
For our poor steps should only be confined
To a straight path. But we have no recourse
To find a way to make it straight through force
For this would only imitate the blind.

So like the stars, thrown in their astral flow
God has His way, His only way, for us
Acknowledge Him in everything and thus
Our paths He will direct, despite the foe
Firing his broadsides, to deflect and show
His plan. But there are times that we discuss
The subtle other ways and then mistrust
The simple way, and Way of Grace forego.
A slight divergence, a related style
It seems so reasonable, a pleasant way
Acceptable to all. We walk awhile
Diverted to a picturesque freeway
And then we realise we are far astray
A crooked way where many toys beguile
For this dark world has cast Him out, His Order spurns
And finds a fiery path of twists and turns

But now within our hearts are holy psalms
The Ancient Way, the songs of God burst forth
We feel the pull of Him, His loving arms
His welcome back, and with our tears henceforth
Acknowledge Him. We will not stray again
Our path is straight like sunshine after rain.

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