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by Paul Purday

Of all the gifts the Western World displays
It's fading wealth and tinsel state betrays
Its people, for the greatest gift of all
Is in a Man, on whom we rise or fall.

In Him, it is, all things together hold
Though many see the glittering of gold
And cannot see Who is behind all things
Trusting the source of where their money springs.

Trusting in Him, this gift of faith complete
That many know where love and mercy meet
But many find another tempting way
Their intellect will carry them astray.

Or possibly their feelings prove a path
Where they can gladly wallow in that bath
It's faith not feelings, but feelings not redeemed
Are never faith, but only longings dreamed.

Though we must walk by faith and not by sight
Some hope to feel His presence from a height
Of lofty thoughts that titillate the mind
And are no other than a human kind.

Faith down the ages is a golden stream
Of men and women who with golden beam
Have faith, the password to a better land,
Though shame and hatred on their heads would land.

Faith, only faith, the mystery Is told
With opened eyes, God's glory we behold
With seeing eyes transfixed by realms Unseen
Faith clears the vision with a hope serene.

Our faith is firmly fixed upon that Man
The Christ of God with awe His features scan
Faith in no other now, the way of Grace,
No words explain the glory of His face. .

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Book by Paul Purday

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