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by Ronald Ferguson © 1999

There are three Gs that Christian men will need to watch out for.
The traps that wait to spring on them, of course are many more.
But three above the rest will cause, much grief and heart despair.
Temptation's road will highlight these; and use them to ensnare.

The first is GOLD's attractive gleam that barbs the careless soul;
That causes shipwreck to the man who makes it his life's goal.
The love of money will negate a life lived for the Lord,
And pierce a Christian through his soul; his testimony's floored.

The second one entices all, who settle there, their gaze -
For GIRLS it is - temptation great - that snatches him who strays.
The Joseph mind, and Daniel's too, are needed by us men;
For Samson fell, and David too, enticed to Satan's den.

The third - it is a subtle one - and grows like cancer cells.
Vain GLORY, seeking mankind's praise, is pride that ever swells.
Then listen not when men praise you; nor seek a glory seat,
But follow Christ your Lord in this, or you will meet defeat.

Then heed these three in Satan's war, and always note them well,
But steer your thoughts away from them, and let them on Christ dwell.
Request His aid to strengthen you; equip you for this war -
In your own strength, you'll always fail; His help you can't ignore.

Copyright applies to this poem. It will be available to use but please ask permission. Not to be used in commercial publications without the author's approval.

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