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by Peter the Poet © 1999

I had a vision come to me
The Lord with wounds that bled
He came up close to talk to me
And I fell down as dead
His eyes were deep and filled with truth
To which I could be led
Then he picked me up and spoke
And this is what he said

Wake up and smell the coffee son
I'm comin back today
Clean up your act and walk my path
Or else your gonna pay
There's gonna be a judgement son
All men's sins will be displayed
I'll reap the fields and burn the chaff
And then I'm gonna stay.

I'm gonna stay and make the world
A Godly place to be
When I get there to those who come
I'll surely give the key
To eternal life, undying love
Then everyone will see
That I am Lord, Creations King
There's none more great than me.

Wake up and smell the coffee Church
Go live what you believe
Look to me and not the world
Or forever you will grieve
Be aware of constant danger
Or the Enemy will deceive
Time is short so follow me
And your woes I will relieve.


World, wake up and smell the coffee! You are going the wrong way and your destruction is sneaking up on you. Enough said. Church, wake up and smell the toast! Leave behind your religion and popular Christianity, stop playing at church and live it.

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This Christian poem may be used within Christian ministries for any non-profit purpose without requesting permission.
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