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by Peter the Poet © 2000

Like a cork the boat's tossed from wave to wave,
But the crew who guide her are determined and brave,
No matter how long the storm or how hard the gale,
They will not be deterred from hoisting the sail.

They carve out their living upon the cruel sea,
As fishers they know how their life's meant to be,
Their standard of living depends on the catch,
So their skills are maintained and the nets are well patched.

But sometimes the sea will not give up it's fish,
In spite of their efforts or how hard they wish,
The nets come up empty, there's no fruit to show,
And the only thing left is to pack up and go.

But the King of the Fishers is in total control,
He knows all of the fish in every shoal,
When the men of the sea cannot get a bite,
Then Jesus goes fishing and he does it right.

So if a Fisher you'll be, don't go to it alone,
Or the tempest will cause you to sink like a stone,
Let the King of the Fishers take charge of your ship,
And your nets will be full on every trip.

Don't go out on the waters alone saints. No matter how good a fisherman you are, there is a freak wave out there with your name on it and it will find you when you least expect it. It is important work that the Lord has given us to do and as such it is not to be taken lightly. There is no room for "adventurers" and "hotshots" who bumble forth into the great unknown under their own power. Only those who remain under the perfect, guiding hand of the Lord have nothing to fear from the tempest. When you go fishing you must use the correct bait for each fish in conjunction with the correct type of tackle at the correct depth or you risk a wasted effort. Keep the Lord Jesus with you in the boat, listen to his council and you will always catch the fish.

This poem was a finalist in the September 2021 poetry contest

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