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I Just Want to be with You (2)

by Bob Peterson

I'm tired of chasing my dreams on the wind,
Leaving me nothing to show.
Even when I succeed, I'm just losing again,
And now I don't really know where to go.

So, I'm asking You Lord, to please open my eyes,
And show me what I need to do.
The more lost that I feel, the more I realize
That I just need to be with You.

Sometimes it feels that You're so far away,
And I wonder just where You might be.
But it's me who has wondered, so call me I pray,
For I desperately need You with me.

I just want to be, just want You with me,
More than anything else I know.
And wherever You lead is where I want to be,
So, tell me where I need to go.

I'm finding, I'm neither strong nor wise,
The truth is, it's lost that I feel.
In this world of illusions and little white lies,
I'm looking for something that's real.

All the questions and doubts encircling me,
But this I know to be true.
If I follow Your lead, I'm where I need to be,
So, I just want to be with You.

So, take my hand and walk by my side.
Won't You gently whisper my name?
I'll follow Your lead, My rock, and my guide,
Though it be through the flood or the flame.
Cause I just want to be with You!

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