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Bust Ado Keeps us From You

by Carol Dee Meeks

Weary at night, we sure might be,
if we feel we have failed Thee.
A schedule so full with much ado
keeps us away from devotions and you.

Forgiveness now we sure do ask.
Failure and dismay-please-don't last.
We close our eyes and fall asleep;
peace for us, He gives, we seek.

We promise tomorrow, we'll find time
in a quiet place, search The Divine.
A job, two children, a party to go;
such an honor, these people, to know.

When at last, our head does rest
upon our pillow, we did our best
to bring a bonus from those we work.
We'll try at morning with coffee's perk.

Day after day we follow this routine,
hustle and bustle, a busy scene.
The Savior stands, oversees our strife,
and He can blot our name from the Book of Life.

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