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by Ronald Ferguson © 2021

I am waiting in the shadows,
For the soon approaching dawn,
When the Lord Himself is coming,
On that wondrous, joyous morn.

The world rejects the saved of God,
And persecutes them sorely.
It hates the ones who love the Christ,
And treats them very poorly.

All the Church is on the lookout,
And listening for His voice.
The saints have great, expectant hope,
And in hope, they all rejoice.

Great rejoicing in His coming,
Will echo through the pages
Of the word of God He's given,
Right down through all the ages.

Face to face might seem unsettling,
But the face we look towards,
Is the One we are expecting -
That lovely face is the Lord's.

There will be a transformation
For the children of the Lord,
When in the twinkling of an eye,
We are called to our reward.

Let us praise Him in the highest -
Worthy, worthy is our King!
Unto Him our worship rises;
Let us to Him, praises bring.

He is coming! He is coming!
Very soon the curtain breaks.
He is coming! He is coming!
Lovely Lord, His Church He takes!

Amen and amen

Metre = 8-7 throughout A-B-C-B
Poem is copyright. I am happy for its use but ask please, so I know how it's being used. Author to be acknowledged.

This poem was a finalist in the October 2021 poetry contest

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