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Bible Study

by Carolyn June-Jackson

Parents who follow Christ should be teaching their offspring
That a close relationship with the Creator is by far the best
What the world offers or entices is as valueless as fake bling
When doing as you say and not as you do is put to the test

Their studies should also include the role of the Holy Trinity
The Bible is not old-fashioned and by no means out-of-date
A man's academic argument is impotent against its validity
Most importantly, a bible study that will help them to relate

While they're open to biblical instruction, teach them to pray
The Lord is their Shepherd, and His Model Prayer begins
When they are troubled, these prayers will be on autoplay
All the while warning them to abstain from a lifestyle of sin

When you counsel or advise, be able to take them to the Word
If they're unable to use it in their everyday life, what is the point
It will be their daily bread and feed them like one would a bird
God is past, present, and future, and their heads he will anoint

Train them up in the way they should go through bible lessons
There's more to studying, more importantly, using it in action
The more they know of God's attributes, the less they question
As they grow, their love of the Word will remain their passion

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