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Two Worlds

by Paul Purday

This spinning orb of wonder, where we live
The beauty of the landscape and the sea
The glory of the shimmering sky would give
A glimpse of this immense variety.
Whether walking, driving, flying it will
Disclose fresh mysteries beyond the curve
Sights we will never picture past the hill
Or in an earthly livelihood observe.
So diverse is this world, that it contains
More than the searching mind can understand
Where joy, yet frightful suffering remains
As each discovery our thoughts expand.

We'll never plumb it all, but One who knows
It all; He made the world, but left His home
Beyond the furthest skies; His love bestows
His Spirit to indwell within this dome.
This power of love brought here by the dear Son
Who entered from a past eternity
Tasted our dying world, and was outrun
By cruel man, and his atrocity;
God's Plan will always and forever win.
The very darkest neighbourhood of death
Became the greatest triumph over sin
And gave us back an everlasting breath.

People of Earth there is another world
His world of Grace that entered ours to bring
A scene of love to where the darkness swirled
And where His Family's grateful praises sing.
A world within, yet is without, where now
With different healing eyes we see with love
For His great purpose will for us endow
A legacy of riches from above.
For light and darkness met, the battle fought
The wonder of God's world has won the day
His battled lovers like an army sought
To show His heart, and heaven's light display.

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