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Three Nails (The Price of Love)

by Dennis Newton © 2023

When the universe was made,
And the groundwork for love was laid,
The Creator of all that was and is to be,
Thought first of the love He had for me.

My sins being many, as the stars in the sky,
In the creation of life, He planned one to die.
In my betrayal, God reached down from above.
Sending the one to die, the price of His love.

Who can explain the ways of the Lord?
Why should He care for such a wretched world?
Who would suffer and be scourged for my sin?
Ransom me with His dying, so I may live again?

In rising from His tomb, He made a great way,
So a sinner such as I, ever in His presence to stay.
While on the cross of agony, it was I He thought of,
In giving up His Son, God paid the price of love.

In my Savior, there is rest for my soul.
His gentle and lowly heart making me whole.
For His yoke is easy, His burden light.
Altogether redeemed, made precious in His sight

Once without purpose, forlorn and blind,
I was the one sheep, He left others to find.
And the great cost of making my soul free,
The scourging, the beatings, the taunts, and with it all,
...Three nails, the price of God's love for me.

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