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The raising of Lazarus

by Bettina Van Vaerenbergh

The Savior wept,
Overcome by grief.
A grievous illness
-Much like a thief-

Had stolen away
His dear old friend.
Lazarus had died —
This was the end.

Or was it, then?
'Cause, unrequested,
Jesus did something
Quite unexpected…

He stood before
A dark, damp cave;
Sealed with a stone —
Lazarus' grave.

Deep in Himself
Jesus uttered a groan,
And then He spoke:
"Remove the stone!"

Martha was startled…
"But Lord", she said,
"He stinks, he's been"
"Four whole days dead!"

"Remember I told you"
Jesus stated boldly,
"If you can believe"
"You'll see God's glory."

To God the Father
Thanks He then gave.
They rolled away
The stone from the cave…

"Father, You've heard Me",
Jesus spoke, confident;
So they might believe
From God He was sent.

"I know, my Father",
"That You always hear",
"But I said it for those"
"People standing near".

"Lazarus, come forth!"
Loudly Jesus then cried.
The dead man obeyed,
Like He'd never died.

A cloth still wrapped
Around his pale face…
Oh, what astonishment
This miracle raised!

Many believed in Jesus,
Right then and there;
And they all hastened
The good news to share:

"We have seen"
"Great things today!"
"How Jesus spoke"
"And death gave way."

"Lazarus has risen",
"So do not grieve."
"Our eyes have seen it",
"And now we believe!"

The number of believers
In Jesus' name —
Steadily kept growing,
And so did His fame.

Oh, blessed witnesses
To that scene —
But even more those
Who haven't seen!

How blessed we are
If we can simply believe.
Death will no longer
Be a reason to grieve…

Christians have hope —
We hope in Jesus Christ.
Jesus is the Resurrection,
And Jesus is the Life!

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