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The Good and Bad of Covid-19

by Nelita Anonuevo

Year 2020 will be remembered in history
For Covid-19 virus which brought us misery
Many got sick and died in every community
Thousands lost their jobs due to the crashing economy.

Lockdown and quarantine implemented in every country
Everyone is wearing a mask, it is mandatory
No travel is allowed unless necessary
Social distancing is enforced, no one can party.

But could it be that Covid is not all about misery
It brought lessons too that made us think and live differently
Our health is fragile, life is just temporary
Many things that we value are not really necessary.

Stuck at home, many enjoyed bonding with their family
Others explored new interests and found their hidden creativity
Some are back to basics and are now living simply
Prayer and meditation, also now a priority.

The Bible is clear that life won't be all rosy
But we can trust even if the days look dark and gloomy
The LORD is in control no matter how great is the adversity
He may not erase the pain but He makes it a purposeful story.

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