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The Messiah Convention

by John Janzen © 2022

Messiah Convention convened
Jerusalem sets up the scene
The Christ was unborn
The people forlorn
The long-promised king, where's he been?

And so, without further delay
The elders had gathered this day
They heeded the call
That once and for all
They'd try to unravel the way

Just when would the Saviour arrive?
Or was He already alive?
Wise men from of old
These experts of scrolls
Asked where would Messiah derive?

The first group stood by Bethlehem
The Micah scroll told it to them
In Judah's small town
A ruler is found
Keep watch over this little gem

The second yelled you're a disgrace
Hosea says Egypt's the place
We know it's the one
God calls out his son
The obvious truth you must face!

A third group pipes up from the back
We're all pretty sure you're off track
We know it sounds mean
He's a Nazarene
A branch of the Lord and that's that!

And so, the convention concludes
With irreconcilable views
Their lines they will hold
Although each was told
The truth which got lost in the feuds

In Bethlehem Jesus was born
To Egypt he fled being warned
When Herod was gone
It didn't take long
The name Nazarene to adorn

This poem was a finalist in the December 2022 poetry contest

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