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by Ronald Ferguson © 2021

He sat on a fence truly contented.
The world was around him – he couldn't care.
In peaceful bliss, he organised his life;
Not involved with folk, caused him no despair.

Day after day he lived his life that way,
Taking no sides, but squashing conviction,
With no real opinions on anything,
And trying not to cause any friction.

One day his position took on a lean,
Then to the right, slowly began to slope.
He called for some props to help him regain
His old position, wherein he could cope.

Contented again the fence was his place;
Balanced, He sat in the middle, right there.
The world passed him by; it concerned him not.
Regarding all, he did not have a care.

Behold, one day quite unexpectedly,
To the left He slowly began to lean.
This called for further action and more props -
Back on the fence, where he would be serene.

Then one day the unexpected happened:-
The fence gave way and suddenly collapsed.
Ev'rything then came unfixed, tumbling down.
That old fence, sturdy for ages, prolapsed.

What a nasty shock for that fence sitter!
There he was sprawled on the ground, all alone.
But others noticed him, and came to help;
Ones in need they would truly not disown.

He did get better and looked at his life;
Realised he could not be a fence sitter.
He would have to take sides for what is right.
Care for others and not become bitter.

Too many are fence sitters - just don't care.
They have no convictions; have no concerns.
Maybe their fence might suddenly crash down.
Let us hope then, that each a lesson learns.

A serious aspect is now addressed,
And to eternity, this one relates.
Do not be a fence sitter in this life,
For in eternity, there are no fakes.

One can not go through life dismissing God
Because one day, accounting time will come,
And that time will be fence sitters' regret.
The mouths of the fence sitters will be dumb.

While time remains, accept God's salvation;
In your life, receive Jesus Christ as Lord.
It's time to leave your non-committal fence -
To ignore that action - You can't afford.

On one side of the fence is heaven's home.
On the other side is "lost forever".
Please touch reality for God loves you.
He will not reject a sinner. Never!

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