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by Pat Severin © 2021

Oh, Lord above, please hear my plea,
there's something that's been troubling me.
I cannot put it into words,
I'm overwhelmed with these concerns…
So sad and worried with the news,
it's not the outcome I would choose.
This happens to the ones who cry
before they've taken time to try.
I've tried so hard to deal with this,
I'm feeling weightless, all adrift.
I know I should have come to you
when I first heard the awful news,
But I, like many, wasted time
forgetting that you know that I'm…
So confident that I will find…
the formula for peace of mind…
When all along I should have prayed.
admittedly I've just delayed
What should, for me, be second nature,
but this time Lord, it's something major.
Dear God, I know it's not too late
For you to help me navigate
What's so unknown to me today.
I've finally come to you and pray
For strength and understanding, too,
I know that I can count on You.

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