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by Peter Fraser

For a Brother or Sister in need my friend,
Do not be shy or reserved.
But assist them with joy and continue the trend,
And your place amongst the Saints is deserved.

When sadness of heart weighs your fellow men down,
Be a tower of strength and resolve.
Let the voice of your counsel and guidance resound,
Then watch grief and despair dissolve.

If tragedy strikes and a loved one dies,
Rally around to help and support.
Give your shoulder to cry on as they say their goodbyes,
And to the Lord you'll be of good report.

When times are tough and ends wont meet,
Push selfishness aside and help out.
Give them shelter or food until their back on their feet,
Dispel their helplessness and doubt.

To the stranger in need who comes your way,
Treat them as you would treat your own.
Show them how God's children should behave day to day,
And if they ask why you care, make it known.

Be generous, kind hearted, loving and caring,
Be worthy of God and his riches.
Be close to your brethren, enjoy the sharing,
Be included in the Lord's family pictures.

Our ministry to each other is just as important within the church as our ministry to the Lord. If unbelievers or guests see a caring and friendly, supportive church it will leave a lasting impression on them. The reason for this is that these days it is extremely rare to find people who practice what they preach.

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This Christian poem may be used within Christian ministries for any non-profit purpose without requesting permission.
Please remember to mention the author of this poem when using.