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Christmas 2021: More than Plagues

by Mark Henderson © 2021

With so many things in the air
It's hard smell the roses, to really care
Past facades at a soul to intimately stare
And another's heartbeat to actually wear

Life has a way to numb, to slowly decay
The sensitive, the real we seek to display
And our true core to constantly betray
Giving what decays vs that which stays

And time erodes our most important play
The care we seek and desire to give away
And so we think we've lost and have no way
Time's our enemy so it's time to walk away

But this betrays who we truly are
What we know; what we see in the Star
How we've overcome and will by far
That there's more to us than the years can scar

So on this Day may I give a present
May I give a stare to your actual residence
May I feel your heartbeat and know your presence
For we're more than our scars; we are the Present.

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