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Burning Hearts (Luke 24 v 13-35)

by Paul Purday

Two people walked a dusty road
Which to Emmaus led
They talked with consternation on the way
And sadness in their footsteps showed
So many things would kindle their dismay
Would aggravate their tread

Along the way came Jesus then
And soon He would draw near
Their eyes constrained they did not then discern
This wondrous resurrected Man
He asked them for the cause of their concern
And reason for their fear.

They were surprised He did not know
The news that made them sad;
(Like them, the clinging vestiges of sin,
Obscures His presence, that will show
The blinding wonder of His truth within
Which only makes us glad)

And from the scriptures He would say
The things concerning Him
Their destination drawing close, He passed
But they asked Him to stay
They shared the bread, and much to Him they asked
They were amazed by Him.

As He broke bread and blessed them there
The scales fell from their eyes
They knew Him! But He vanished from their sight
Then to each other they would say
'Did not our burning hearts set us alight
Before we were aware.'

And to Jerusalem they raced
'The Lord is risen indeed!'
Such glorious tidings that we all must know
As when our histories we have traced
And downcast hearts and gloomy faces show
A story of our need.

His risen life, our place in Him
His resurrection might
Has freed us from much self-inflicted pain
Oh, that our eyes would not grow dim
Why would we lose that burning love again?
Oh, keep His flame alight!

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Book by Paul Purday

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