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The Sea

by Paul Purday

The rolling of the waves, the tears of flying spray
The sighing of the wind and the pebbles of the bay
The dipping of the seabirds with their melancholy mew
And the ruler-straight horizon that chops the sky in two.

The rasping of the stones on the never ceasing tide
The crying of the bathers and the water-skiers glide
The whipping of the foam and the smell of salty brine
And the glint upon the waves as the sun begins to shine.

The constant ebb and flow, in the smiling of the breeze
Would give no indication of the ending of the seas
Which will exist no more, in the eternal day
And travel between nations, will be the land's freeway.

But now His sea is showing in tranquil waters deep
The hidden things of God, in His eternal sweep
Of the majesty and beauty, within His great design
The fullness and the glory, of His purposes divine.

Suppose we walk (not swim) into the sea, and deeper we would go
Where soon the swirling waters reach our necks, and show
That we would willingly embrace the sea and tentatively stand
Not where we're meant to be, but keep contact with the land.

So we must be immersed so fully in the world
Though it is not our real home, and harmful waters swirl
Can cause our footing to be lost, and churning waters may
Aim and redirect our lives, so leading us away.

We have two lands, two seas, each with a different tale
Each land, one earthly, the other heavenly, unveil
Two seas, where mighty heaving waters will embrace
The power of the fallen world; the other God's deep Grace.

There awesome hidden depths, where all may know His heart
This vast eternal ocean, His wonders to impart
We no longer need to paddle, He beckons us to swim
Into His glorious heart of love, immersing us in Him!

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