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Psalm 139

by Bettina Van Vaerenbergh

Oh, Lord our God, You know when I open my eyes in the morning;
And You're still with me when I lay me down…
You've made me; You know my feelings, my every thought -
Whether I'm happy or cry inside; and if I wear a worried frown.
Before a word is on my tongue, Lord, You know what I want to say;
You are deeply, intimately acquainted with Your children's way.
Such knowledge is too wonderful; I simply cannot comprehend -
It is much too high for me; it's too hard to understand.
Where could I go or flee from Your presence, You are everywhere…
Be it in heaven; be it in hell; behold Lord, You are there.
If I take the wings of the morning, and go sail the seven seas -
Even there Your right hand will uphold me; and Your Spirit leads.
And if the darkness falls on me, and I tremble with fear in the night;
You are there to reassure me, You surround me with Your light.
Just like the darkness has no secrets, and is like the day to You -
Our hearts are fully known; You know us through and through.
When I was in my mother's belly, God, Your loving eyes beheld me -
I'm fearfully and wonderfully made; forever will I praise Thee!
How You formed me and how You knit me together, I could never tell…
All Your works are marvelous; that my soul knows very well.
Yes, in Your book all my members were written, long before my birth -
You've known me since eternity; before the foundations of the earth.
The thoughts You think of me are more in number than the sand;
They are so precious, and I'm so glad, to be at all times in Your hand.
Try me, God, and know my thoughts; search me and know my heart -
Deliver me from wickedness; in the way of holiness set me apart!

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