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by Paul Purday

Rain falls on good and bad alike
As when the sun will shine
God's bounty shown to all, unlike
Our partisan design.

Rain rarely is a welcome theme
Unless the land is dry
The sun it has a welcome gleam
So very few deny.

When we receive God's rain within
It is the Spirit's Grace
He softens our hard hearts to win
And other loves displace.

How beautiful when we receive
Clear shining after rain
The Son will shine and then relieve
Our stay in sin's domain.

Nothing can match that gentle fall
And just the right amount
Not like the Flood where judgement's call
Brought people to account.

For these are cool refreshing rains
And draws us to the Son
Within our lives His love maintains
All things that He has done. .

The beauty of His sunshine needs
The falling rain to be
A glorious synthesis that leads
A rainbow now to see.

These seven awesome colours are
God's promises to man
His faithfulness will take us far
Into His loving plan.

The healing rain, the Spirit's flow
To Christ will show the way
Into His heart, His Grace to know
Beyond all tongues can say.

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