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Trail Dust and Dirt

by John Troutman © 2022

The cowboy's work is never done, or so it seems that way.
You tend to all the chores at hand, but need more hours each day.

From feeding stock and cleaning stalls, and riding fences, branding cows;
Then busting broncs and taming bulls, or taking herds to auction house.

Fixing grub to feed the hands when you are on the trail;
Or nurse a dogey with tender care, and pray the critter does not fail.

So dust and dirt of every kind can even make you sore.
Hat and kerchief keep out some, shirt and vest some more.

But pants, and chaps, and boots of course, are closer to the dirt,
So they collect a lot of it, but even that won't hurt.

With soap and water well applied, dirt will wash away.
Just wait and see old hand, more grime will come next day.

Sin is like that dirt you know, it's always everywhere;
It tends to come with things we see, or think, or say, or share.

It sneaks into our very soul, and hides behind our faces;
Corruption is the thing it sows, even in churchy places.

If you're a working cowboy, or maybe you're just leaning;
Scrubbing hide, or dirt inside, take different kinds of cleaning.

So as we live our lives today, and pick up dirt and sin,
Remember this one thing, God's Word will always win.

Jesus paid the price for sin, deep cleansing for the soul.
"Believe and live," the Bible says; removes sin's awful toll.

God's Word and soap, you know, must daily be applied;
Then we can be truly clean; on the inside and outside.

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This Christian poem may be used within Christian ministries for any non-profit purpose without requesting permission.
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