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Ol’ Jim and the Milky Way

by John Troutman © 2022

Four days of pushing hoof and hide down a prairie trail;
Just one more day to go, and then the final sale.

The other hands rode lead and sides, ol' Jim and I rode rear.
The herd was well protected so no one had to fear.

We pulled into a valley all flush with water and grass,
Where all could get some rest until the night would pass.

We watched the colors of the sky from blue to orange play,
The orange to red, then to gray, the sun slowly slipped away.

The moonless night gave way to black as stars began to peek
Until the sky was filled with them, the canopy complete.

A hundred billion stars, or more, a huge and massive sight;
That is our own Milky Way, God's glory on full display.

Ol' Jim and I just stared in awe, and in a little bit,
He turned to me and said, "In all this world I've never found a fit,

And as I look at this, I feel so awful, small.
Is there more to life, or is this really all?"

So I told him about Jesus, foretold by prophets old,
How He came in human form, God in flesh we're told.

He paid sin's debt, once, for every man. "It is finished!" He said.
In depths of sin we live, but to the cross of Christ we're led.

In Him alone is forgiveness found, the only cure for sin,
Repent, receive and trust in Him, the crown of life to win.

Ol' Jim bowed his head and cried, "Save me, Jesus, I trust in You,
Forgive my awful sin, and make me clean in all I do!"

They got the herd to sale that day, and every hand was paid;
But best of all, Jim's gift of life, when God's hand on ol' Jim was laid.

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