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Be Strong in The Lord

by Kristie Lamb © 2023

Everyone fails, no one is good
We can't measure up in the way that we should
God's not surprised , he's not shaking his head
The Lord chooses to have mercy on us instead
He knows we are human ,created from the dust
He knows we will fail , that's why we must trust
Trust in his forgiveness
Trust in his plan
He is slow to anger and he does understand
Ask him to guide us through the day
To follow his spirit and this is the way:

Read his word and pick up your sword
This is how we can fight for the Lord
The faith that he gives us will be our shield
The darts of the enemy will have to yield
He gives us a breastplate of righteousness to protect our hearts
The helmet of salvation to know his love will never part
Pray in the Spirit with all sorts of prayers
Stay alert and be persistent for believers everywhere
Put on the belt of truth and stand your ground
Put on the shoes of peace where the gospel is found
Remember Jesus gave his life
He doesn't want you filled with strife
He is at the right hand of the Father praying for you
The Spirit intercedes and prays for you too
You have brothers and sisters who have led the way
A crowd of witnesses that are cheering you on every day
Angels are around you and you're in their care
The Father is omnipotent and he is everywhere

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This Christian poem may be used within Christian ministries for any non-profit purpose without requesting permission.
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