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by Paul Purday

There is a principle that God has used through many ages
To demonstrate His heart of love, though
all creation rages
To seek an upward way that always hopes for better days
And an accepted passport to the world's accustomed ways

Why can't we see that life is broken and the way is failing
Despite our desperate hopes and dreams of better days unveiling
Broken from the first; the fruit was sweet but from the wrong tree
Mankind is in a ship tossed madly on a raging sea.

So many kings and nations entered history declaring
Their power and might, their ancient pride-filled majesty and daring
But honoured not the Maker of the world nor heard His roar
Through prophet's voices and the hard significance of war.

But through the brokenness, a fresh and helpful sound was forming
Through weakness, loss and helplessness a newer truth was warming
All then would see a deeper saga of the ways of man
A story of God's grace that opened since the world began.

The world may casually appear a tranquil sheen of water
But underneath is muddy slime, deceitfulness and slaughter
God may however use the opposite to show His face
Within our painful circumstance to demonstrate His grace.

The Cross with all its woe and brokenness became the answer
To our own brokenness when we were hopeless with sin's cancer
His blood has bought the excellence of freedom's
matchless heights
Where we will find the eternal satisfaction of those sights.

The apostle Paul was broken down by rays of heaven's glory
Blind for a season then alive to a contrasting story
Transformed from murderous evil to the wonders of God's love
The power of strength divine through human weakness there to prove.

All our trials, worries, failings, heartaches and our brokenness
Are but a springboard to the dignity of Godliness
And entry to a world of light where love and joy will be
Our celebrated home of Grace for all eternity.

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Book by Paul Purday

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