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by Mike Wilson

Integrity, ain't what it used to be;
feels like something good is missing.
I said Integrity, is doing the righteous thing.
Even when there's no one looking.

We're living in a world of confusion,
where truth is not so easily found.
We're not sure if it's all a delusion,
So we stand down.

Integrity, It takes humility,
This is what we're called out to be.
Oh yeah Integrity, It's what we want to see,
from those claiming that they believe.

So is it all a brilliant illusion?,
that's made to look and sound so profound.
We're swimming in a sea of collusion,
where we could drown.

Integrity, It's about you and me,
and when we truly act honestly.
Oh Lord Integrity, It's what we want to be;
help us to believe and achieve.

We really need to find a solution,
The clock is totally ticking down.
We need to clear our minds of pollution,
and stick with what's sound.


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