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by Lisa Choudhrie

Evening time
Noisy yet quiet
Dusk slipping away
Oncoming night..

Work day over
So many different phases
Intersecting other folk
Various times and spaces..

History was written today
By time's unseen hand
Colourful scenes, some best forgotten
Others a little bland..

'Time for everything under the sun'
That's what the preacher said
Time and change so constant
Gleaming silvery thread..

The little winged ones
Gossip as they fly home
Their cares they never carry
They chatter and chirp, never moan..

And they speak words of wisdom
If we pause and listen
'We are loved and cared for'
Their bright feathers glisten..

And maybe they laugh at us
As the worries etch our brow,
'Oh ye of little faith
Even the sparrow knows'..

The majestic eagle
Soars on wings of might
He's strong and victorious
Just watch him mid flight..

As night draws nigh
And shadows cover the land
We rest in peace in Him
Jesus our Savior's safe hands..

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