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The Power of Grace

by Paul Purday

Only through good can people overcome
Only through God under a darkened sky
Where lowering clouds envelop , though we cry
'Enough!,' the world in blindness will succumb.

We will resist the actions of the foe
Activation has its place, but it's power
Is small, while subtle wickedness devour
The multitudes, their hopes to overthrow.

We cannot meet the enemy with fight
No longer meet the flesh with answering flesh
For that is how the battle-fields enmesh
Our ways, and ready us for satan's bite.

No longer be a mirror where we are
Reflecting only like for like, as we
Instead shine brightly with His light, and see
That light confusing Satan's repertoire.

Satan when met with the same force will not
Withdraw his plans, but strengthen them despite
Our sterling efforts to defend God's might
Which only seeks to energise his plot.

There is another way, the way of Grace
Love for your neighbour and your enemy
Defusing hate with love can only be
God's Living Way transcending time and space.

Grace, only Grace! His power in going down
The lowly Cross, forgiveness, death and grave
His only Way, on human hearts engrave
And clothe us with His worthiness and crown.

'Father forgive, they know not what they do'
This cry down centuries reverberate
Grace and forgiveness meet mankind's estate
And for mankind, all things will be made new.

This perfect Plan, that fills us up with praise
Where Love empowered by Grace the lowly way
Darkness dispelled and God's eternal day
Sets heaven's countless singing hearts ablaze.

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