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The Biggest Lie

by John Milano

For the sake of a soul wiped clean.
For those who forsake and leave your neck in a guillotine.
For the ache of the heart overcoming mental gangrene.
For the witness of a little girl created.

For your intoxicated dependence on self-love.
For the consecrated embrace from a priestly glove.
For the consummated sacrifice given freely from above.
For the testimony that the sexual embrace is sacred.

For all the women who love to preach:
"Keep your Rosaries off my ovaries".
There is one thing I'd love to teach.
Please keep your ovaries on a leash,
so, we don't have to kill more children.

Roe vs Wade was all so new back then.
Little did I know they would make it into a sporting event.
How many deaths did your roommate apportion?
You are falling behind, love, we'd better get on with your abortion.

Everything that I know now, I knew then.
I knew the unpredictable lag time of women; I knew the farcical appetite of men.
I know that even with the greatest family, I'm still lonely.
I lost my best friend without her ever having known me.

I wonder, girl, where have you been.
I had a dream about our daughter again.
In the dream she grew up before my eyes.
Only when we sleep can we believe such lies.

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