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Purely Racist Antifa

by John Milano

There is nowhere to hide in this current age.
You can't conform to the current place.
Keeping our thoughts obscure, out of an absurd necessity.
Gifts from a tolerant fool class, a compromising majority.

We would like to change and take it back to start.
But like any infidelity you eventually get caught.
They don't negotiate or allow personal contemplation.
Disagreement on any point is permanent cancellation.

Pentacle tattoo with sage incense.
Tough as hummingbird bones, with a beehive pretense.
Completely isolated from the issue of their measures.
Snowflake covering with black heart centers.

Though my fear may be prettier,
because I've worked hard to acquire it.
Even if my caste is inferior,
My sacrifice will be inviolate.

Our afflictions are passing, our concept will live in eternity.
Surely our love alone will extinguish their perversity.
Tell them they cause death and they won't even flinch.
But watch their hearts fail when we together say "not one more inch".

I'm the servant I've always been now.
My hands are calloused and my yodel is on the plow.
So tired of their beatings and riots without repercussions.
If I hear just one more time that our leaders blame it on the Russians.

The newest fashion is black bloc with buttons.
Given free hand by leftist politicians to kill by the dozens.
They take up space and control the town squares.
Unless we stand up, they can't defeat our prayers.

Though my virtue may be interior.
Because I've worked so hard to acquire it.
Even if this world to me is ulterior.
My martyrdom will be inviolate.

Endear yourself to the days with your wife.
Surrender yourself this day to Jesus Christ.
Appreciate the nuance of your body and your mind.
Cherish your existence in place, truth and time.

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