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Satan's Paralysis

by John Milano © 2022

How long, how long until the neurons are bathed.
How long, how long until his limbs are enslaved.
How long, how long before the frozen smile.
How long, how long we'll have peace yet a while.

Add up all your visions you've suffered for a year.
Catalog up the voices that strive to interfere.
Assume the taste is just a remembrance from the past.
Touch and smell your stunning meiotic backup flash.

Satan has road rage, checked, verified and dominated.
Even all the infused cognizance given, his night knowledge is Father hatred.
Morning awareness refused as is any desire to serve, to respect.
Even intimate with every outcome, he still chose to reject.

The bison Bishop, take him away, anywhere but not here.
A thin family, steady bones, folks had enough strength to push persevere.
And with that, people hope all drugs should be legalized.
As long as they understand it comes from a dance with the evil eyes.

My lungs were eaten away by a mold imminent.
It almost killed me, by my right hand, I testify I am innocent.
Some sow, some harvest, some steal, others reap.
I tried to commit suicide 5 times but at least 3 were legitimate deceits.

We realized the demon is awake, and what he can put you through.
Can we lock up his mind, limit his perspective, no more universe surfing for you.
Dank filthy species, still emits all the anger radiation.
Now that the people have voted in this beast, he'll get on "fixing" education.

Violence is all too prevalent, what we need are more abstractions.
But there are too many who vote for only what helps them,
and refuse to live with the consequences of their actions.
I knew she grew up on the wrong side of her mind,
but she still lost the rational war with both sides combined.

Satan's intelligence will continue to rage.
Without legitimate sight he's backed into a cage.
When he finally sees his Angel and what could have been.
This then is where Satan's paralysis ultimately begins.

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