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How Many? How Much?

by John Milano

Government leaders fenced my vineyard.
No place left to grow my herb.
Took down the sign that said, "no trespassing".
Put up one that says, "do not disturb".

The blue hat men are the best robbers.
The fourth side of a triangle that Pythagoras thought trivial.
Wanting to come clean but got caught up in the dollars.
Facts never spoken out loud, I'd rather plant a tree in Israel.

How often did you feel like getting up and leaving?
How much paranoia did you swallow to stay?
He eats by himself, more is hidden than he shows.
I know I'll get the phone book but I ask anyway.

In how many houses have I lived?
How many of these did I consider a home?
How many houses have I built?
How many were organically grown?

Count the windows every day and night.
How many show you the stars, how many the sky?
How many lanterns are left burning all night,
to keep the dark quiet, leave him no place to hide?

How many men did it take to lift the coffin?
How many more to put it down again?
How many secrets are being buried here tonight?
How many consequences that we must avenge?

I noticed the guilt that your neighbor bore.
So heavy he didn't walk, he only staggered.
Shame should never be mass-manufactured.
Blame should never be ill-tempered.

I will work for food I heard the beggar say.
I admire your wallet chimed the pick pocket.
The drifter comes and goes as he darn well please.
All now waiting for a sermon from the prophet.

The judge wasn't in any shape to render a decision.
How many and how much was up to the grifter.
The street sweep was out of service with lumbago.
Besides, the prophet already left on a date with his sister.

The king and the joker were playing to the crowd.
While all the churchmen were jumping rope.
The Bishop was sitting alone in a corner room with an altar boy.
When the Bishop was ready he ordered, "up periscope".

At that moment a bolt of lightning
struck the dome of the Vatican Basilica.
The Bishop, too busy hiding behind Vatican Two to march for life,
failed to notice that the dome wound resembled an umbilicus.

Why put so much emphasis on failure when discussing success?
Knight takes Bishop, and the Bishop takes the Queen.
Why not eliminate failure, go to triumph and call it progress.
The pawn takes them all in the back of his limousine.

How many dreams do you wake up screaming,
hoping they'll never come to verity?
How many demented parents will trans their kids,
just to buy a moment of celebrity?

How many teeth did you leave under a pillow,
praying for a quarter or a few candies?
How many children left sickened in the morning,
because the drag fairy left them his panties?

The enlightenment shed light on nothing.
How many times we've learned to ban clarity.
The more religion becomes entertainment, the more we blaspheme.
Insight fades, as does the polarity.

I don't want your sentimental reasoning.
I don't want your emotional thrills.
How many times have I told you, "two feet don't love me"
Not the way that Jesus Christ will!

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