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by Peter the Poet © 2023

From a world that was wicked but for the most part straight,
We now have the Lefties all twisted with hate,
They rant and they rave their nonsensical agendas,
Shaking their fists at homophobic and racist offenders,
Blinded in whole by a reprobate mind,
They'll latch on to whatever cause they can find.

Some such agendas causing global wide fuss,
Is the wokeness agenda and LGBTQIA+
Be what you want to be and ignore reality,
Whine and complain about unfair disparity,
Pretend to be a Cat, a fox, or even a Horse,
Just assume that identity and live it of course.

Pretend you're a Girl when you're really a Boy,
Change your pronoun and finally find joy,
Remove your boy bits and take some hormones,
A Surgeon will fashion new erogenous zones,
And yet underneath you're still Chromosome XY,
And you will be for life, no matter how much you cry.

Girls growing beards and cutting off their breasts,
To make becoming a man their life's only quest,
For the man has felt trapped in the body of a female,
The work finally finished and very soon to unveil,
But even without all your God given plumbing,
At your core you are Female behaving un-becoming.

If you are short, you can identify as tall,
You can identify as skinny if you're round as a ball,
You can identify as Black if your skin is pale white,
You can be what you want to be in your own sight,
If you want to be an alien, go right ahead,
You can even be living and identify as dead!

The subject is too weird to get too much involved,
There is no human power that gets the issue solved,
As the world winds down to an inevitable end,
It will only get weirder and harder to mend,
Pray for these people that they may see some sense,
To search for the Truth instead of pretence.

For the world will always go in its own direction,
Always fighting over some bones of contention,
But we of the Church, The Lord's precious Bride,
Should take these distractions in our stride,
Get on with the business God proclaimed in his Word,
In order for Truth to drown out the absurd.

So don't sit on YouTube, getting flustered and mad,
Put on the Lord's Armour, tough and ironclad,
Take solace in The Word and the promises within,
Never ceasing to Pray and avoiding chagrin,
Watch out for the signs and lift your head high,
For as things grow worse, our Redemption draws nigh.

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This Christian poem may be used within Christian ministries for any non-profit purpose without requesting permission.
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