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New City

by Paul Purday

Faith can see a river flowing
Crystal clear and from the throne
All God's glorious bounty showing
More than they have ever known.

Water has its source proceeding
All from God and from the Lamb
Purity and life exceeding
Shows a heavenly diagram.

There's a street within the City
Where they see the Tree of Life
Displaying perpetuity
Monthly fruit forever thrive.

Leaves for healing of the nations
And there will be no more curse
Then with heavenly conversations
Former hurts would He reverse.

And His joyful lovers serve Him
Gazing gladly in His face
On their foreheads now preserving
His great name, the name of Grace.

There is no night, for He is shining
All their light, and they will reign
Forever, eternity defining
And will see no dark again.

Ours to find the eternal river
Where His blood runs through our veins
God the source, and God the giver
God the breaker of our chains.

Chains the world would put upon us
Through His Blood are broken now
But still cling and hang around us
Chains of Babylon allow.

We anticipate the City
Freedom is the only way
Joyfulness of that society
Mark the everlasting day.

We, the ones His love will cherish
Walking on the streets of gold
Find that nothing then will perish
And that time will not grow old!

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