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With Wings I Do Rise

by JackieL © 2022

Frail and fearful I entered this world not knowing what was to come.
I was without understanding but didn't know to ask why; never seeing any more than was shown.

I was wandering through life with uneasiness of mind, hiding from myself;
somehow feeling that I didn't belong and hoping to be someone else.

Years went by when I finally found out that I didn't even know I was lost.
The person I knew was not me at all. This revelation came not without cost.

Now my soul has spewed its contents. Christ's blood now takes its place.
The rawness of sin's bruise within, is healed now by God's grace.

It thrilled me to learn that there's life for my death, truth for the lies
and no fear! I can rest!

Now since Jesus has set me free, I cannot remain in despair.
If I stay there, I'll have no true life. So, I must walk out of there!

There's no way I won't make it. I have courage in every step.
The presence of God surrounds me. And He says, "I'm here, let me help."

Although there are more layers to pull off, I look forward to seeing what I'll gain.
You see the battles I've already won show that peace is the currency for my pain.

Something wonderful and grand now awaits me. I can see it with spiritual eyes.
Although I was crushed and broken, now with wings of God I do rise!

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