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Jesus’ Triumphal Entry

by Bettina Van Vaerenbergh

It was just an ordinary day;
A day like any other…
A scorching hot noon sun;
The flies as always a bother.

Along came two strangers;
They untied me straightaway.
Somehow I knew:
Today was my lucky day!

My master protested loudly;
His face was grim.
The two simply answered:
"Sir, the Lord needs him."

They took me to a man
Who was dressed all in white.
He had the softest eyes;
Full of love, ablaze with light.

He gazed at me and smiled —
I seemed to please Him much.
His hands patted me gently;
An unforgettable touch.

Oh, it filled me with joy —
His friendly, loving caress;
But I also sensed in the man
A strange, profound sadness.

His demeanor was humble;
Yet He looked like a king…
When He was seated on my back,
The crowd began to sing:

"Blessed is He who comes"
"In the name of the Lord."
"Hosanna in the highest"
They all sang in one accord.

Freshly cut palm branches
Were strewn before my feet,
And some people even spread
Their garments in the street.

I couldn't believe my ears
As towards Jerusalem I trod:
This was Jesus, the Messiah;
Israel's King, the Son of God!

The atmosphere was joyful;
My heart about to burst.
I was carrying my Maker —
The Creator of the universe!

And yet, at the same time I felt
-Was I the only one here?-
The pain in Jesus' heart, the fear;
And in my eye welled a tear.

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This Christian poem may be used within Christian ministries for any non-profit purpose without requesting permission.
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