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Jenna's Day at the Lake

by Karen Franzen

A day at the lake, seemed like so much fun
Jenna played in the water in the hot summer sun
She watched people swimming out where it was deep
She thought to herself…that looks like a treat!

She said to herself, "Daddy could take me out there,"
"He could hold me up high so I won't be scared."
Her Daddy was willing and they slowly went out
When all of a sudden, she heard her Dad shout!

They were under the water, bobbing up…and then down!
She was so scared, she was sure they would drown!
"Help," he cried out, then the lifeguards were there
Pulling them out of the water with care

She'd trusted her Daddy to keep her from harm
But he didn't…and now she was filled with alarm.
She thought, "Who can I trust to take care of me now?"
She thought to herself as her heart made a vow.

"I can't trust my Daddy, because he let me down
He couldn't save me….we almost drowned!"
So she said, "I'll just have to take care of myself."
Then sadly she turned and refused her Dad's help.

As the day dragged on and her fear went away,
Jenna saw her Dad's sadness that they couldn't play
She wished she could go and be with him once more
But her heart wouldn't let her…not like before.

Then Jenna remembered something she'd heard
If you make a vow, you must keep your word.
She was sorry she'd said it, and her heart was so sad
"I don't care what has happened, I want to be with my Dad!"

So she went to her Daddy and said through her tears
"I'm sorry I blamed you, I'm sorry for my fear."
She told him all the wrong words she had said
She told him that she wanted his love now instead.

Her Daddy looked into her eyes filled with pain
He said, "You can always be with me again!
That's a LIE that you don't have to believe!
You don't have to take care of yourself, don't you see?"

He said, "Let's ask Father God to forgive
Because this isn't the way He wants you to live!"
So they asked God's forgiveness and rejected the lies
And Jenna breathed a contented sigh.

As Jenna sat and remembered this day
She was thankful that God had led them to pray
She smiled at her Daddy and took his hand
And they walked together along the soft sand.

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