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Less is More

by Tamara Jennette

Less crying and more praying.
More giving and less taking.
Less reaching and more saving.
More living and less faking.

I'm so anxious. I have no patience.
For simple things, I've not been gracious.
My self pity has been invasive.
My pride can be abrasive.

My rope is getting short.
My hope...on life support.
Tears get in the way.
I can't tell the night from day.
Inner peace is in denial.
I've got everyone on trial.

More filling. Less draining.
More serving. Less complaining.
More walking. Less fainting.
More growing. Less maintaining.

Less trophies. More sacrifice.
I've had the world. You paid the price.
Through your pain, you gave me truth.
Less of me God. More of you.
I need more of you.

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