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by Peter the Poet © 2023

I look into the mirror and what do you think I see,
The eyes of another being staring back at me,
He really likes to visit me poisoning my heart,
His hell driven purpose is to try to keep God and I apart.

He doesn't possess me and never will, this I know for sure,
For God is mine and I am Gods eternally secure,
But he can influence, he can torment and play me like a Flute,
He wears me down, then fires me up, its focus absolute.

He turns me into something that I have never been before,
I'm Grumpy and then Angry, Hateful and Insecure,
I turn molehills into mountains, am suspiciously paranoid,
There's no sign of the man I was and the happiness I enjoyed.

He wants me to stew on everything hoping for an explosion,
His end game is my destruction and spiritual erosion,
Just another of Satan's lackeys, and a dangerous one at that,
He's insidious and cunning and determined as a Rat.

He'll make you think it's your fault but he's pulling all the strings,
The emotions surge within you, this unwelcome visitor brings,
You go from anger to depression one minute smiling then to frown,
Unstable as explosives, without the benefit of a countdown.

But who is this Demonic visitor, why is he here and what's his name?
Why does he want to torment me, what's his sick endgame?
I should be calm and in control God's Spirit brings only peace,
He only wants my destruction, misery and decease.

His name is Bitterness and he brings some friends along,
Anger, Wrath and Hatred, they form an alliance strong,
Together they will hound you and drive you like a Truck,
To all your Friends and Family, you will seem to have run amok.

Bitterness is like an entangling Root, twisting gaining purchase,
Choking, creeping, tightening, aggressive, coiling, and tortuous.
Once entertained his foothold grows, becomes difficult to remove,
So to stand against this thing is something you should behoove.

In our own power it will never go, and victory can't be attained,
You can fight it and decry it, but nothing will be gained.
There is only one hope for victory, one way for you to be free,
Call on the mighty name of Jesus and end his vicious spree.

For them to flee you must resist and stand in Jesus's name,
Not once or twice but always, make them sorry that they came,
They want to rob you of eternity and your joy in Christ's Salvation,
So be strong and stand, be wise and wary and refuse them your oblation.

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This Christian poem may be used within Christian ministries for any non-profit purpose without requesting permission.
Please remember to mention the author of this poem when using.