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Little Children

by Nettie French

For tiny boys and girls like me,
A savior died that we
Might be free.
To learn and love and pray and sing,
And give Him praise for everything.

Someone said so long ago
Stand back, don't bother the Master so,
But as He raised his eyes to see,
He said please suffer them, come to me.

For their small hands and tender hearts,
My Father has given to them a part,
His likeness in them I surely see,
Forbid them not to come to me.

We thank the Father for thy Son
Who loves and cares for little ones,
In child-like faith help us obey,
And stay close by thee all the way.

John 1:36 & 8:28; Matthew 27:45-55; Rev.5:6 & 7:17

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