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What Have We Done?

by JackieL © 2022

We haven't been always faithful.
When we should be fasting, we eat.
When He says go out, we stay in.
And when time for silence, we speak.

When time for faith, we sometimes waver.
When time to look up, we look down.
We're not always loving as we should be.
and when time for smiles, we frown.

When time to read the Bible, we watch TV.
And our giving isn't what it should be.
When we should be praying, we're sleeping.
And when bound, we should be free.

We pick up our burdens after laying them down.
When He says stay in, we go out.
When a problem comes up we can't handle,
We say we believe, but we doubt.

What have we done to deserve God's love
since we hardly do very much right?
We know we're not what we should be
though we try with all of our might.

So, what have we done to deserve God's love
or His Spirit descending like a dove?
It's not who we are or what we can do.
The answer is Grace from above.

This poem was a finalist in the February 2023 poetry contest

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