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The Meaning of Life

by Mike Wilson © 2023

The meaning of life can be quite the search.
It's something we seek since the moment of birth.
It's something we crave for and have a deep thirst.
But can it be found in a world that is cursed?

To find it they say would be quite the thing.
A moment in time, that would make our hearts sing.
But is that the truth? Is that what it would it bring?
Or would it be something that makes our hearts sting?

If only, if only, it could be revealed.
Why? Why oh why; does it stay so concealed?
Tell me; please tell me. Is our fate now sealed?
Our minds have become the great battlefield.

Despair and despond and dismay if you must;
but it's really a matter of; who do you trust?
This world that can leave you broken and crushed,
or the One who created a man from the dust?

The meaning of life is easily found.
If you don't believe me; just ask around;
of those who allow our Lord to abound,
and who place their faith, on the solid ground.

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