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Abiding in His Presence (Psalm 91)

by Paul Purday

He who dwells in the secret place
Of the Most High, will ever be
Under the Almighty's shadow
Absorbing Grace, forever free
We will say, 'He is our refuge
Our secure fortress, and our strength
Our God, in Him that we are trusting
In all His depth and breadth and length.'

He will deliver us from the fear
Of pandemics and evil lure
He covers us with His feathers
Under His wings we will endure
He is for us the light of day
He is our shield and great reward
We will not fear the flight of arrows
For us His truth the only way.

Plagues stalking the darkness will not
Cause us to be destroyed or fear
A thousand will fall around us
But danger will not enter here
We stand stalwart against the foe
Abiding in His arms, no other place
To be secure, for in His keeping
We see the smiling of His face.

It's Him! And only Him, the Son
Revealed in us, by Him, the wonder now
That He for us, forever giving
His Grace and Spirit to endow
Our failing hearts with Him, and not
Our own weak efforts to conform.
In Him, and only Him abiding
Our Rock, our covert from the storm!

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