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A Covenant with Mine Eyes

by Miguel Preston © 2021

Leave me, foul visions, which morality and gratitude eschew,
To God I pray a proper covenant be made.
For lusts and licentiousness in the soup of imagination will brew,
And lurid sights the strongest convictions can dissuade.
Verily do we live surrounded by Satan's lecherous fleets,
Armed with libertinage, and poised at a moment's notice to strike.
And each second passed apart from the Scriptures, and their meat,
Become I ever susceptible to temptation's alluring spike.
Only in an eye's twinkling can sin's fruits seem ripe,
For time reveals the putridity of their core.
Yet this same wicked nature dwells in men of all stripes,
And inveigles those who think fellowship with Christ a chore.
O Lord, send Heaven's mightiest battalions to guard my eyes,
Lest I should see that which blinds me from Heaven's prize.

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