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From Heaven to Earth

by Paul Purday

When God created heaven and earth
It was the heavens first
When Jesus entered from the heavens
And in our world immersed
His was a principle to show
The way for us to be
For in our roughest times we will
Try hard for all to see
A better view of us to prove
A falsely smiling face
Because we live from earth and try
To view a heavenly place.

Seeking to be holy, wise and free
But this, it is not real
Heaven, the starting place to hold
Though we will still conceal
Our efforts, when there is no need
To seek our laboured way
For we must live FROM the Holy
And not BECOME that way
And if we would be more Godly
Then we must live FROM God
Who is the answer, not from earth
Where problem feet have trod.

Heaven and earth in union
And heaven is nearer now
In that perspective we will make
Decisions that avow
God's Spirit's holy purposes
Conveyed from heaven to earth
Creation reflecting heaven
Showing forth His worth
Star on star and mighty rivers
Mountains where eagles soar
Wildlife, abundance, teeming
Tumultuous oceans roar.

Shadows of Eden fill the earth
Shadows of heaven sing
Angel choirs with heavenly sounds
Echo the heavenly King
Who came from heaven to earth to save
Mankind whose lost its way
Grace and wonder fill the earth
A future better day
New Jerusalem coming down
From heaven adorned to see
The Bride who comes with glory's voice
Whispering eternity.

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