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by Paul Purday

What are our thoughts when the word 'new' is sounding?
Is it to want a different kind of way?
Is it the joy of life with hope abounding?
Or is it a bubble that will burst next day?
For all that's new is old, the next second
Even though the pull of newness beckoned
Wishes fulfilled but soon will fade away.

So, what is new has not a thing remaining
For it is old next moment of our time
And is confined to history and waning
In glamour, and is causing us to climb
At last, from human loss, to know His story
Where He, because of us would leave His glory
And bring us into realms of Grace sublime.

Knowing Jesus, shows a land that's never dying
Where beauty cannot fade or time grow old
All things are new, and there is no more crying
And we can tread, through faith, those streets of gold
Anticipate the wondrous transformation
To join with rapturous hosts His acclamation
As we, the Lamb, with wonder will behold!

This poem was a finalist in the April 2024 poetry contest

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Book by Paul Purday

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