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His Rest

by Paul Purday

A violent storm and thrashing waves
A scene of abject fear
Where sea engulfs and tumult raves
Disciples saw their final graves
Their time grew very near.

Amazing as it seemed to be
Jesus, He was asleep
He rested on a rocking sea
And only woke upon their plea
To see the raging deep.

And He rebuked the violent storm
He chided, 'Peace be still! '
A perfect calm the waves transform
And turned their cold from fear to warm
Their hearts with wonder fill.

But unbelief would soon forestall
Our entry to God's rest
We look for rest and then will fall
On earthly things our hearts enthrall
But missing out His best.

God is at rest despite our fears
It is HIS rest we find
On Him alone we dry our tears
To know His rest through all our years
As seeing to the blind.

And finally we understand
The place we're meant to be
And find the secret of His land
His rest is ours, the secret planned
From all eternity.

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