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When I Look in the Mirror

by Kristie Lamb © 2023

When I look in the mirror, what do I see
Do I see the love of the Father in me
Do I see his image and gladly bare
To know that he saved me, am I aware
I am his creation , he loves me so
He created me in my mother's womb 49 years ago
He he gave me life as such a time as this
He chose me, redeem me, forgave me, and now I'm his
He saw me in my mother's womb, she was just sixteen
She chose to give me life and now I can breathe
She had the choice to give me up
She didn't, she loved me, and that was enough
So when I look in the mirror, what do I see
When God looks at me
Is he disappointed in the person I've become
Does he turn me away and say you're not enough
He says I love you,I made you and you are mine
I thought of you since the beginning of time
I gave you life, there's no need to fear
I accept you as you are and I am right here
You're not a disappointment,you have a purpose and a plan
Trust in me, trust in me ,even when you don't understand

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