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The Treasure Within

by Zimuzo Onah

Skin hanging over bones, behold the Elephant!
Stunted? Fingers stroking, swaying the clouds,
Marked! Little or none at all? Oh! it is abundant,
Too white? The melanin! Crooked? The sounds!
Handicapped? So dumb! Definitely not pleasant.

The torture, the write offs, side talks floating by,
Stares of pity and disapproval, their fangs deep
Thoughts welling, tears clouding; you wonder 'why?'
Drowning in self pity, your soul plunges into sleep
"The real me, never experienced will surely die".

Yet from above, your Creator looks with no revulsion,
"Oh! Such time and effort put, my best work yet",
Cell by cell combined with symmetrical perfection,
A living flawless soul when the breath of life met,
Wow! How the angels screamed with admiration.

Behind the veil, are eyes full of profound emotions,
With mesmerising smiles, like the sky with rainbow on ;
Your heart full of boundless love deep like the oceans,
You are a bouquet of rose flowers, all shades of fun,
With teeming potentials desperate to feed the nations.

Acknowledging your storytelling scars, actions begin;
The best version of yourself unveiling day after day,
Shinning your light afar, we see the treasure within,
A pure heart that fears the Lord, devoted to the Way,
Displaying His splendor, is found true beauty therein

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